Motley Crue Reveal Stunning Money They Made In Royalties


Motley Crue manager Allen Kovac revealed in a new Forbes interview that he kept the band together with yearly shareholder meetings with proper votes and minutes.

“We traded a contractual advance. Sylvia Rhone at Elektra had not wanted to pay so we made a deal: ‘Give us $2 million, keep $10 million and Mötley will own their masters and copyrights.’ So this band earned $150 million dollars and dropped $10 million for $140 million total. Only in the music industry could this happen!”

Nikki Sixx added, “It has to be the responsivity of the artist to run the business like a business. You can sit in a room with a pizza box and make really great rock or whatever, but to operate it you need to have really clear vision so you don’t run out of money and then have to do things that are below the bar. Try to keep raising the bar instead. If you have financial security, you can tour when it’s the right time to tour and you can do things that are right at the right point. And who is that for it is for? It is always for the fans.”

Motley Crue’s new biopic The Dirt will be released on Netflix later this month.