Motley Crue Singer Humiliated By Gene Simmons


The former Mötley Crüe vocalist John Corabi recently joined in for a recent interview with Become a Guitarist Today, when he recalled how he was “intimidated” by Gene Simmons. He talked about the first time he met the iconic Kiss bassist. He elaborated his experience of meeting him backstage during a tour that saw Corabi and The Dead Daisies supergroup opening for Kiss.

John Corabi revealed that he was intimidated by Gene Simmons

Apparently, Gene turned out to be a fan of Corabi’s first band Angora in the ’80s. It was noted that didn’t mean that the musician treated them with any less of his signature Gene Simmons-ness. Looking back on how he met Simmons, Corabi said:

“It was weird. He had heard our band, liked the band, was talking to us about a record deal. But then again, it was weird – he kind of put us off, because we were like, ‘Gene Simmons!’ You know, we were all huge Kiss fans.

“And then we were rehearsing at a place called SIR, In LA; we were in this huge room, [it] had a basketball court. And Gene just walked in and picked up a basketball and started shooting baskets. And it was like, [it] kind of calmed everybody down. but we were still like, really intimidated for a minute…

“He’s got this presence, and he’s the guy. He makes no bones about who he is, his personality, and different things like that. And I respect that. Good people.”

This June, John Corabi will embark on a short Australian acoustic solo tour, which the musician describes as an “intimate” and “loose” experience where the audiences will get to see Corabi perform a number of songs ranging from covers to some of his most recent material such as “Cosi Bella” and “Your Own Worst Enemy” and tell stories from his career of a rock musician.