Pearl Jam New Album ‘Cold Rain’ Leaks?

Pearl Jam's official 2024 band photo.

Recently fans were surprised to learn that Pearl Jam, who not too long ago had this ex-member dropped this bombshell, could be putting out another album. This is because Gigaton, the eleventh studio album of Pearl Jam is by all accounts still relatively new as it was released on released March 27, 2020. Still, when a recent screenshot over at IHeart boasting a potential new Pearl Jam EP called ‘Cold Rain’ which boasts such alleged titles as ‘Good Disco’ and ‘Night’, it’s safe to say people were intrigued.

Over on the Pearl Jam subreddit, one user replied: “I’m guessing Pearl Jam’s management will be on the phone with iHeart today, either telling them to remove a fraudulent listing or telling them to fix a glitched, premature release.”

That seems to overall be the case as on the Pearl discussion boards, another user seemingly cracked the case on this one by stating: “Looks like iHeart radio made a mistake and accidentally listed a new release under Pearl Jam’s page, music does not appear to have anything to do with the band. Please delete!”

However, Pearl Jam’s latest studio album, Gigaton has been met with a lot of positive feedback from fans and amateur music critics. One proclaimed over on the e-commerce site, Amazon, “Pearl Jam and I go back to their beginning. I have all their studio albums and several live ones. Some of these songs are going to be played at all of their future concerts. Critics are going to critic and haters are going to hate. I started listening to Pearl Jam when I was 37 and back in college in ’91. I grew up on rock n’ roll and when I heard a song from “10” I bought it that day. Since then I have bought every album without listening to it first. Some people complain because there is too much of this and not enough of that on each album. The guys who wrote “Black” have changed some over the years but “Quick Escape” is rock and no one besides Pearl Jam is making anything close. This album is about what is in their heads now. If you don’t like Pearl Jam don’t get it. If you like or love Pearl Jam this is a must-have.