Motley Crue Singer Reveals Terrible Haircut Photo


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has shared a photo on his Instagram story of the aging app showing what he will look like in his late 70’s with a grey haircut, and he looks a bit rough! We think Vince will look far better, as he is one of the best looking frontmen in rock and roll history, still looking good today. Mick Mars revealed a few days ago who he fired from Motley Crue.

Fors Marsh Group wrote about a new event featuring Nikki Sixx, “Today we’re taking the stage at #AWNewYork with @NikkiSixx and @Surgeon_General to talk about how brands (and people!) can help combat America’s #opioidcrisis. #TalkToMe #Recovery Check it out:”

Nikki Sixx said, “Grateful to be in the company of so many great people who are making a difference.”

He wrote about traveling to New York, “Nice to see you fans at the airport again. You got some good cool story’s.”

A Motley Crue icon made an emotional AIDS claim recently. A fan named Kim recently sent Sixx touching photos, “I was surprised and proud to see how my 9 year old son decorated an envelope for his school project. It seems he loves Mötley Crüe as much as his mom does! 🖤🤘He added so many great details all on his own. He also added himself below looking cool. 😎 @NikkiSixx @MrTommyLand.”

Sixx responded, “Thank you sharing that. I think we all can remember that faze when your discovering bands and writing their name on your notebooks etc.” A Motley Crue member’s wife recently revealed a big name affair.