Motley Crue Singer Reveals Truth About AC/DC


In a recent captivating exchange on AXS TV, Vince Neil, the charismatic frontman of Motley Crue, afforded us a glimpse into the melodies that would resonate with him on a remote, musical desert isle. This hypothetical scenario prompted Neil to sculpt a collection that transcends mere isolation, transforming into a medley of rock resilience and his personal journey.

Topping his selection with a flourish of rock’s finest chords, Neil places “Back In Black” by AC/DC in the spotlight. The album’s torrent of iconic riffs transforms it into an everlasting bonfire of rock splendor. Beyond its hit-laden demeanor, Neil’s bond with AC/DC, cultivated through shared tours, interlaces his choice with the very fabric of his experiences – turning it into a sonic scrapbook of stage camaraderie and electric memories.

As reported by BlabberMouth – Neil’s musical voyage takes a deeper plunge, steering toward Aerosmith’s underrated treasure, “Rocks.” While some may overlook this gem in the band’s discography, Neil finds solace within its rock-infused depths. Memories of California’s coastal tides meld harmoniously with the album’s tunes, a soundtrack to memories of surf and salt. Each chord melds with the rhythm of the waves, echoing the pulse of liberation.

In an unexpected yet serendipitous twist, Neil extends an invitation to “Cosmo’s Factory” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Reminiscing about the role of his father in introducing him to the band, Neil’s choice carries a tapestry woven with nostalgia. The unmistakable cadence of John Fogerty’s vocals intertwines seamlessly with images of camaraderie, a testament to unadulterated musical euphoria.

Transitioning gracefully, Neil navigates his musical archipelago towards Journey’s discography, beckoning the entirety of their creative legacy. He posits that Journey’s brilliance radiates consistently, an unbroken constellation of albums that define the art of timeless composition. Within their harmonious blend of arena dynamism and tender ballads, Neil finds an empathetic confidante to solitude, echoing the sentiments of countless souls.

As Neil’s figurative island horizon extends, the shimmering mirage of “Endless Summer” by the Beach Boys rises. This quintessential beachside companion mirrors his tranquil reverie by the shore, where the sounds of the album craft a backdrop to his solitary escape. The album’s timeless harmonies and breezy melodies encapsulate a universal sentiment of carefree relaxation and pure joy.

Within this imagined odyssey of musical self-discovery, Vince Neil’s chosen albums unfurl as brushstrokes on a vivid canvas, painting a tableau of his sonic expedition, personal connections, and the enduring potency of rhythm to traverse solitude. These five albums, handpicked from rock’s grand tapestry, serve as a reminder that even in the quiet expanse of isolation, the harmonies of the past resound eternally, cradling the spirit with melodies that remain ageless.