Alice Cooper Drops Johnny Depp Women Bombshell


Legendary rocker Alice Cooper has peeled back the curtain on what it’s truly like to be part of the rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires, a band that boasts none other than Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp among its ranks. The enigmatic Cooper recently sat down with QFM96’s Torg & Elliott Show to share his candid insights into touring, collaborating, and the unique dynamics that make Hollywood Vampires a force to be reckoned with.

Being in a band with an A-lister like Johnny Depp might seem like living in a surreal dream, but as Cooper tells it, Depp’s star power takes a backseat when the music takes center stage. The rock icon and his fellow bandmates, Joe Perry and Tommy Henriksen, along with Depp, have formed a musical brotherhood that transcends fame and focuses on their shared passion for rocking out.

As reported by Guitar – When asked about the band’s magnetism, especially among female fans and paparazzi, Cooper let out a knowing chuckle before unveiling a backstage secret. He playfully disclosed, “You have no idea. It’s so funny because Joe is on the left side of the stage, I’m in the middle, Johnny is on the right. Every woman is looking on the right side of the stage. Every once in a while I slide over there just to get a little bit of that and then go back to my spot.” The rock ‘n’ roll camaraderie and cheeky interactions paint a picture of a band that’s truly enjoying every moment of their musical journey.

Cooper’s admiration for Depp is palpable, describing him not as a Hollywood sensation, but as a genuinely talented musician. He extols, “Johnny’s great. When he’s with us he’s not a movie star – he’s a guitar player. And he’s a great guitar player. You don’t go out with Jeff Beck unless you can play guitar, and he really is a player.” The mutual respect between the members underscores the band’s chemistry and commitment to creating stellar music together.

For a supergroup that has been rocking together for nearly a decade, Hollywood Vampires stands as a testament to harmonious collaboration. Cooper proudly revealed, “The band is so tight. We’ve been together nine years and there’s never been one argument in that band. It’s just fun.” In an industry often marked by artistic tensions, this harmonious existence is a rare and precious gem.

In the realm of new horizons, Alice Cooper’s upcoming 22nd solo album, titled “Road,” is set to drop on August 25th. As a taste of what’s to come, Cooper’s single “White Line Frankenstein,” featuring the virtuosity of Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, promises a sonic adventure. Cooper delves into the song’s essence, describing it as a tribute to the road warriors of life. He explains, “It’s monstrous and definitely a stage song.”

From thrilling stage antics to the heartfelt dynamics of Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper’s revelations peel back the layers of celebrity, showcasing the true essence of music’s ability to unite and inspire. With Cooper’s new album on the horizon, fans have much to look forward to – and much to rock out to.