Motorhead Reveal How They Mourned Lemmy


Motorhead’s Mikkey Dee discussed his time with the band and Lemmy Kilmister in a new Full Metal Jackie interview.

“I think that’s why we worked so well is because we were three different personalities and three different wills or ideas, but it clicked really well for us,” he said (hear audio below). “We worked fantastic together. We had our discussions, but it all ended up in a great camaraderie and respect for each other, which was great. So it was very easy, in a way, to work together because we all wanted the same thing and we had almost the same vision all the time. So we pulled in the right direction and the same direction. It was great. Of course, every year, the years went on, and we got tighter and tighter.”

Dee was asked if the release of a new 2012 Motorhead live album made him sad, “Not sadness, because we had great years together. You just get proud and you have your memories from all this. I miss Lemmy tremendously, of course, but we all did so much good stuff. When we release a new thing like this, it’s just, ‘Wow,’ it’s great. I listen to the record and I go, ‘Wow. We played that song and this song.’

Of course, we kind of forgot exactly how the setlist was. You get surprised yourself how good the show is, and you can actually almost smell [laughs] the arena, how it was. It’s all good, I have to say. But, of course, you get reminded of Lemmy and how good we had it. But it doesn’t give me sadness. I just miss him, basically. I like to think about Lemmy in a total positive way.

I don’t try — that’s what I actually do — because we had so much fun and [we did] so much together that I really cherish the memory and the history that we created. If I walk around super sad every time I hear Lemmy’s name or we do anything about the old Motorhead, it will be terrible. So, I put a smile on when I listen to this. I go, ‘Wow. We did something great.’ And I can actually see and hear Lemmy right in front of me, and that brings me happiness instead of sadness.”