Nirvana React To Rumored 2019 Reunion Tour Leak


Krist Novoselic has reacted to Spotify announcing a Nirvana reunion show on August 9th at Discovery Ventura.

A fan wrote, “Dear @Spotify, Are you having an aneurysm?”

Novoselic responded and shot down the announcement, “I could make this show, but will take some work to pull it off. Otherwise, I do have gigs in August —— Check out (link: for time and place.”

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan had a surprising reaction to the 2018 Nirvana reunion show. Novoselic also recently reacted to a Washington Post article titled ‘Why Roberts might be right about gerrymandering.’

“Indeed, statutory change. Let’s elect the US House through proportional representation (PR), including independent commissions drawing multi-member districts. With PR, voters have the power to elect a candidate of choice. This will solve gerrymander power grabs once and for all.”

Gorka Not Orca told Novoselic, “PR is unconstitutional and you’re never going to get the people who owe their jobs to the current election systems to change to different ones.”

Novoselic responded, “You may be right about the latter, however, you are making a bad guess regarding PR being unconstitutional. Study the issue and you will see.”

A famous actor cried watching the 2018 Nirvana reunion show. Joan Jett discussed how ‘intense’ Kurt Cobain’s fans are in a January 2019 NME interview about her participation in the Nirvana reunion as a lead singer. Joan Jett fronted Nirvana at the 2018 Cal Jam Festival and for two performances in New York in 2014 to celebrate the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

You took Kurt’s place when Nirvana were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014 and again at Cal Jam.

“I was honoured and humbled to be asked for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (performance). It was so scary but, at the same time, how could you say no as a Nirvana fan? But I got through that okay. And then the other day the Foos were playing a concert and I guess they wanted to do a couple of Nirvana songs. Dave asked if I would come out and do a couple and I said ‘sure’.”

Would you be open to doing more shows with them?

“If they do (more shows) and they want me to be a part of it, I’d be honoured to. I feel blessed being asked when I was asked. It’s very heavy though, because Kurt’s fans are intense and it’s a lot to take on. You just can never be sure if you’re doing right, but you can only do the best you can do and if the band asks me, that’s as close as I can maybe get to Kurt giving me the thumbs up.”