Murdered Rapper XXXTentacion Has Eerie Connection To Kurt Cobain


Police in Florida’s Broward County continue to investigate Monday’s fatal shooting of 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion, but they have no suspects at the moment, reports the AP. Two armed men approached the rapper, real name Jahseh Onfroy, in his vehicle as he left a motorcycle dealership, and at least one opened fire. One theory is that it was a deadly robbery, given that the gunmen took a Louis Vuitton bag from the rapper’s BMW, reports TMZ. In the meantime, plenty is being written about Onfroy’s brief and violent life:

He “was known for his experimental, punk-infused and indie rock-influenced subgenre of hip hop called SoundCloud rap,” reports the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The name came from the online streaming service where it was originally posted. One of his big musical influences was Kurt Cobain.

His musical persona constantly shifted, as he tackled mumble-rap, horrorcore, R&B and even heavy metal. “The only person who inspires me is Kurt Cobain,” he once said.

Fans also have several conspiracy theories already about the young rapper’s death, much like Kurt Cobain.

talexander12599 posted on the Nirvana Reddit:

“Coming from r/xxxtentacion and I know nirvana fans and X fans are very different circles, I was a fan of both and following X’s recent death I’ve been noticing a crop of conspiracies surrounding his passing and while it’s very different from Kurt’s conspiracies I see some similarities. People on r/Xxxtentacion react very negatively to some of the conspiracies and I wonder if any Nirvana fans deplore the conspiracies surrounding his death. Thoughts?”