New Art Show Will Showcase Kurt Cobain’s Shoes


Beginning February 11, KM Fine Arts Los Angeles will display photographer Geoff Moore’s photos of items from Kurt Cobain’s vault that he shot for the book Cobain Unseen. The items include Cobain’s sneakers, a guitar with a Richard Nixon sticker on it, and a broken guitar.

The photographs also feature subtle references to Nirvana’s oeuvre, such as a heart-shaped box filled with broken rosaries. There are also several images of Cobain’s mangled guitars, scuffed by pick marks and marked by stickers.

Moore, a self-taught artist and film director working in Los Angeles, was recently featured in a benefit exhibition for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music curated by Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, Flea, and Gagosian director Deborah McCleod. See photos below, via ArtNet.











Former Mudhoney manager Bob Whittaker shared a memory on Krist Novoselic’s Facebook page in December following Scott Weiland’s death. He shared a previously untold story about Weiland meeting Kurt Cobain backstage at Stone Temple Pilots’ show at Seattle Arena on July 8, 1993.

“I remember in Seattle – Butthole Surfers opened for them? We were back stage to say hi to the band after the show = Gibby , King Coffee ETC – I was goofing around with Kurt – he jumped on my back and I took him into the #sonetemplepilots dressingroom. Security was going to toss us out – but Scott saw Kurt and rescued us.

I set Kurt down then Scott and Kurt talked at the deli tray table – a bit awkward at first – Kurt said ‘people tell me you sound like #Nirvana . You must owe me some publishing money then.’ Scott didn’t miss a beat and pulled out a crumpled sweaty $1 bill from his pocket and gave it to Kurt. Kurt took it, We all laughed and left. It was fun funny and cute. ❤️ #inventinggrunge ✔️ Life is short – everyone be nice and do good work while we are here -B”