Exclusive: New Dio Music To Be Released Soon

Singer Ronnie James Dio poses for a portrait in front of a painting by Manuel Ocampo on April 10, 1990 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ann Summa/Getty Images)

Alternative Nation recently interviewed former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy to promote the band’s new box set, A Decade of Dio: 1983-1993.

When I asked if there were any plans on a follow up to this box set covering the later years, Goldy said one was “definitely” on the way. “Yes. We definitely will. I think they just wanted to do it in sets instead of doing the whole entire thing at once. I can’t really speak for Wendy Dio myself, but there are certain albums that certain record companies control the rights. It’s not really a matter of control, but more of a matter of everyone wants to do it and of who to contact to put the deal together. I can only speak for myself but, I think they decided to do it in halves. Almost like The Very Best of Dio, Vol 1 and 2. So there are other albums like Magica and a few others that will be remastered for re-release.”

Before his unfortunate death in 2010, metal legend Ronnie James Dio had several projects that sadly went unfinished; among them was a sequel to his 2000 concept album, Magica. In 2012, one track from what would be Magica II was released as part of The Very Best Of Dio Vol 2 compilation. This song was called “Electra”; during our conversation, Craig revealed that another unreleased Magica II track is on the way. “There is an unfinished song that the band plans on finishing and releasing. This track will either be part of Magica as a bonus track or released as a single on its own. It’s all just speculation right now.”

You can read Alternative Nation’s full interview with Craig in the coming days.

Edited by Doug McCausland