New Incubus Album Has ‘Fantastic’ Skrillex Collaboration And ‘Super Sexy’ Vibes

3945 interviewed KROQ Music Director Lisa Worden to discuss Incubus’ new album.

“The first single, called ‘Nimble Bastard,’—which we’ll be world premiering February 16 on The Kevin & Bean Show—is a rocker,” says Worden enthusiastically. She describes the sound as “going back to their roots” with their signature fat bassline and harder guitars… “‘Pardon Me,’ to me, is kind of a medium tempo rock song. This is Megalomaniac,” she says referring to the band’s 2004 hit. Speaking of the guitars, Worden says, “Einziger goes off! He’s got a really rad guitar solo right in the middle of the song.” And she notes that Brandon’s voice has never sounded better. “It starts with the vocal, which I love. It’s identifiable from the first second.”

She also said there is a track Skrilex contributed to that is ‘fricking fantastic.’ There is also a track that is “the sexy Incubus.” Worden said, “It’s slow, moody and vibey—it’s the kind of song where you’ll picture Brandon writhing around with a lot of girls in the video—super sexy.”

Incubus will be releasing a new album in the coming months.