New Nirvana Singer Wants More Reunion Shows


In a recent Kyle Meredith With.. interview on Consequence of Sound, Deer Tick’s John McCauley said he is open to do more performances with Nirvana after Cal Jam.

“I’d love to play with them again. What I’ve learned is when Dave Grohl sends you an email, you must respond to it.”

He was also asked about Deervana.

“We haven’t done a Deervana show in 5 years I don’t think. Maybe 7 or 8 years ago, a friend of ours in Providence, a promoter, his name is Mike, he does all of our shows up there. He was throwing a birthday party at one of the clubs he books, and he came up with the idea of Deervana. He got us to come play a birthday party and do a set of Nirvana songs, and I think he was at a show where we covered Breed or something.

It was really fun, we thought it would just be that one time, then somebody heard that we did it, or some YouTube video, and people started asking to play shows as Deervana, and we did one SXSW because we thought it’d be really funny, because it completely goes against the idea of SXSW, an already established band coming in and playing a set full of cover songs. So we did that, and that ended up being kind of a high profile gig, then we started getting ridiculous offers from people to play shows as Deervana and they were offering more money than Deer Tick had ever gotten paid at a show, so that’s when we decided to put it to rest and stop doing it. It started to feel wrong.”