Foo Fighters Fans Pissed At Crazy 2019 Ticket Price: ‘WTF Dave?’


Foo Fighters will be coming to Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend for a show on February 2, 2019 at Atlantic Station.

The band tweeted, “Foo Fighters are stoked to be coming to Atlanta to play @DIRECTV Super Saturday Night w/ special guests @runjewels!”

Fans aren’t too pleased with ticket prices, though it is important to note that it is a show with limited tickets at a smaller venue, and Live Nation are in charge of the ticketing.

A fan posted a topic on Reddit titled: “FF tickets are 290 a piece to see them in Atlanta when they come a day before the superbowl. WTF Dave?”

They then posted, “I couldnt believe it when I went to go purchase tickets for a gen admin show and two ticket were 580…The tickets themselves were 250/Ea. and then ticketmasters bullshit for another 40 bones/Ea. I know DG has a new barbeque grill payment to make, but damn, almost 600 bux for a couple to see FFs??? Rant off.

EDIT: All tickets are general admission as well.”

Fans also tweeted, “A massive no thank you to Foo Fighters tickets being $250 for the show in February. I understand it’s the night before the Super Bowl but no.”

“I love this band, but at $300 a ticket I expect Dave to be greeting me at the front door and taking my drink order.”