New Photos Of Scott Weiland’s Tiny Music Tour Megaphone With Hilarious Drawings


Collectionzz has up new photos of a megaphone Scott Weiland used on Stone Temple Pilots’ 1996/1997 tour for Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop.

Their article states, “This heavily used megaphone was a part of STP’s 1997 tour. There are a bunch of notes/ writing on it, with one saying ‘Hawaii or Bust’, where ‘Hawaii’ is crossed out as Scott never made it to the last tour destination. A truly one of a kind item with a ton of character from the late Scott Weiland. This was originally obtained from a silent auction at an intimate STP house of blues show.”

Weiland’s use of a megaphone onstage became an iconic part of his live performances. Weiland’s former Mighty Joe Young bandmate and best friend Corey Hickok remembered when Weiland first had the idea to use a megaphone live in a 2016 Alternative Nation article.

“One thing that Scott became iconic for was his use of the bullhorn on stage, and there is a great story behind that. We were over at our buddy Gary Menke’s house one day, and Scott goes into the garage and sees a bullhorn. He says, ‘I want to start playing with this!’ Some time after that, I’m hanging out at Gary’s house, and Scott is on MTV. Gary says, ‘Hey Dad, you were asking where you megaphone was, there it is!’ His Dad Dale goes, ‘What the hell? I want my megaphone back!’ Word got back to Scott, so he wrote: ‘I heart Dale Menke’ on it. Dale let him keep it.”