Led Zeppelin Icon Night With Princess Diana Revealed


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page discussed hanging out with the late Princess Diana in a new social media post. A Led Zeppelin icon revealed a bad health scare where a doctor told him ‘it’s over’ yesterday.

“On this day in 1983, I met Princess Diana at the Prince’s Trust event at The Albert Hall.⁣⁣ After yesterday’s euphoria at The Albert Hall, the second night was played to benefit The Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles’ charity.

With the attendance of Prince Charles, and the newly on-the-scene Lady Diana Spencer, we were introduced to the royal couple before the show. Lady Diana told me she had attended a Duran Duran concert at The Albert Hall and I thought ‘Oh boy, are you in for a shock tonight!’⁣ Let’s see if you can name everyone in this first picture.”

Robert Plant revealed what he smoked with Jimmy Page a few days ago. miguelfrancolini commented, “You, Charlie Watts, Chris Stainton, Jeff Beck, Steve Windwood, Simon Philips, i don’t know those two, Bill Wyman, Kenney Jones, Ronnie Lane, Eric Clapton and can’t figure out who the bearded guy is.”

worldofzeppelin wrote, “Yes, those who haven’t been mentioned so far, James Hooker, Chris Stainton, Ray Cooper, Fernando Saunders and Andy Faireweather Low.” colelucyk304 said, “I see Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman.”

boblct123 asked, “Did you make a move on Princess Diana?” dave321on responded, “@boblct123 What move? She thought Charles had it (um) ‘going well on’! Easy meat; she used to sound diffrt. They truly had speech lessons for her-“I’d like to thank you aulll..” Jimmy Page unloaded on an awful Eric Clapton insult earlier this week.