New Twin Peaks Fan Film Trailer Follows Annie Blackburn


The latest promotional trailer for filmmaker Cameron Cloutier’s fan film/love letter to “Twin Peaks” Queen of Hearts dropped last Friday.

Following the character of Annie Blackburn (played here by Amy Ostbo) as she moves through time, visiting various Twin Peaks locations and reliving what took place there.

Cloutier wrote on IndieGoGo, “Hi everyone!

Have you had a chance to see our latest Promotional Trailer? Check out the link below and take a trip back to TWIN PEAKS through the eyes of Annie Blackburn. This will give you a solid taste for what’s to follow in the future… or past.

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Queen of Hearts: A Twin Peaks Fan Film is entirely funded by fans via IndieGoGo, and it is set for released this summer. Cloutier has hosted the popular ‘Twin Peaks: Thought of the Day’ video podcast on his Obnoxious and Anonymous YouTube channel for the last 5 years.