Nickelback Cover Pearl Jam “Alive” In Video


Pearl Jam is certainly one of the greatest bands which inspired several other bands, including Nickelback. After decades near the top of the rock world, the band recently had a chance to showcase some of their internal song libraries by taking part in a video feature for Elle Magazine based upon word association.

Nickelback performs cover of Pearl Jam song

In the bit that music acts are often tasked with by the magazine, a random word is presented with the subjects then asked to sing the first lyric that comes to mind when hearing that word. It’s Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake and Daniel Adair dropping random songs based on what they’ve been presented.

The band is clearly having some fun with their off-the-cuff music picks. For instance, Daniel Adair and Chad Kroeger laugh after being presented with “ball” and realize that the Adair suggested AC/DC track “Big Balls” comes off like a pirate shanty.

Some of the choices seem obvious to most rock fans, with Kroeger immediately clicking on Pearl Jam for the word “Alive,” then doing his best Eddie Vedder improv. Or later in the feature with Kroeger sharing an Axl Rose-ish moment once “Jungle” led them to “Welcome to the Jungle.” The guys also pull up some Red Hot Chili Peppers within their challenge.

While some of the words required a little more thought, others led them right back into their own catalog with “Rockstar,” “Those Days” and “Tidal Wave” all turning up as answers. How well did they do in the challenge? See for yourself below.

The Elle feature comes as Nickelback are supporting their late 2022 album release, Get Rollin’.  The album debuted at No. 30 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, featuring the singles “San Quentin,” “Those Days” and “High Time.