Nikki Sixx Reveals How Promoters ‘Tried’ To Reunite Guns N’ Roses But Got ‘A Version Of It’


Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx discussed Axl Rose joining AC/DC in a Neon Sunsets interview conducted last year and just recently posted on YouTube.

“I’m pretty much about the original band as much as possible. AC/DC, for me, growing up with Bon Scott, was such an important band. And Brian [Johnson], actually, really came in and [had] the hardest job in the world, and the band really went to the next level. Brian’s a wonderful guy. I couldn’t see life without Bon, but then I could never see life without Brian. Axl’s in, he’s singing, he’s a great singer, and I think he’s gonna do a great job. And I don’t know if Brian will come back or not come back, but I actually think it’s pretty cool.”

Sixx went on to call Axl “an interesting character” who has “been a bit reclusive,” and talked Guns N’ Roses’ partial reunion.

“Of all the people in the business that have tried to get the original Guns N’ Roses back together, they could never get it back together,” Nikki said. “They got a version of it back together, and you can see Axl looks happier. They’re gonna go out and they’re gonna play, and he’s gonna do that AC/DC stuff.”

“I don’t know Axl, really, that well. I mean, I knew him a bit in the ’80s when [Guns N’ Roses] opened for Motley Crue. He was always sweet to me. He was always kind of shy and respectful. And I’m happy for him. He looks happy. He looks healthy. He missed doing what he’s doing right now, and I’m sure having Slash and Duff by his side feels really good. So it’s badass. Good for him. And good for Slash and Duff too. Good for the fans.”