Paul Stanley Makes Bold Gene Simmons Daughter Claim


KISS icon Paul Stanley discussed attending the birthday party for Gene Simmons, and hanging with his daughter Sophie Simmons.

“A REALLY wonderful night celebrating Gene’s birthday with Shannon, Nick and Sophie who are truly my extended family and all the others who came to honor Gene. Very special.”

Slash revealed a gross photo of Gene Simmons shoving something up his nose a few days ago. syracusekissfan wrote about a recent Syracuse KISS show on forums, “The guys sounded pretty good tonight. Paul’s voice only cracked maybe once or twice. Same setlist, no changes. Place was packed, glad Syracuse got their own Amphitheater, no more road trips to Darien Lake.

There was one problem, apparently they needed to add seats for VIP”S, I don’t know if this was the band or the venues decision, but Row D was suppose to be front row, but they put two rows in front of them for the VIP’S. So the one’s who paid $1000 for front row, was now 3RD row. My 5TH row seat ended up being 7TH row. I would of been pissed if that happened to me.”

Ed1214 posted about a Saratoga Springs, “Amazing show! Was on the lawn but had a great view of the stage. Band was tight and sounded great. Had to been sold out or close to it.Loved when we sang happy birthday to Gene. Sad that it’s the last time seeing them but had the time of my life and will never forget it.” Gene Simmons’ wife looks like a man in a new video.