Nine Inch Nails Have Another Twin Peaks Song, But It Wasn’t Well Received


Nine Inch Nails members Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross revealed in a new 101 WKQX interview that they have an unreleased song they wrote for Twin Peaks that David Lynch rejected. They then wrote “She’s Gone Away” after Lynch told them he wanted something more ‘aggressive and ugly.’

Reznor said, “It was written specifically for Twin Peaks. Actually we wrote a different song initially, he said, ‘How about something less Twin Peaksy sounding, and more aggressive and ugly.'”

Ross chimed in, “I think he said, ‘Make my hair stand on end.'”

Reznor added, “Yeah, it was good. It was a complete honor to be involved. Lynch has always been a hero of mine, I was thrilled to learn that he was going to put the effort in and bring Twin Peaks back, and do it in the style that he did. I was thrilled to see what it became, because we didn’t know anymore than anybody else. We filmed our bit, he was super secretive about it with everybody.

Then a few a months later he asked me, ‘Hey, you want to come by to my house and check out your footage?’ So we go by, it started, the frame we began playing, I think it went one frame past it, and he said, ‘Pretend you didn’t see that.’ That was Cooper lying on the ground.”