Steven Tyler ‘Kicks Out’ Big Name Aerosmith Bandmate


Aerosmith member Tom Hamilton recently spoke with Bass Player Magazine. The subject turned to Steve Furrone, who temporarily replaced Joey Kramer (who was facing health issues) during the recording of Nine Lives. Joey Kramer eventually recovered from his health scare, leading to Stephen Tyler kicking Ferrone out of the band. Aerosmith reveal why Steven Tyler ‘replaced’ bandmate.

JB: Once Joey returned to the fold, the band decided to re-record most of the material. Looking back now, are there any tracks that stood out during the Ferrone era you enjoyed playing, or was it just too strange and uncomfortable not having Mr. Kramer sitting behind you on the drum throne?

TH: It’s really ironic that after all that angst of not having Joey there, we re-recorded everything, anyway. We re-visited the material with Kevin Shirley, who was really making his name as a great hard rock producer. Except for a couple of songs, everything sounded better in general, right away. Someday, it might be interesting to break out all the tracks we recorded with Steve and see if any of those cuts could be part of a box set or something.

Steven Tyler makes a young woman cry in a photo. In other Aerosmith news, Joe Perry recently released “Aye Aye Aye“, a music video recorded live from the Roxy Theater, featuring Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and Robert and Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots.

User Pillis complained about Aerosmith European ticket issues on the Aeroforce forums recently, “Idk seems you’re having so many issues unfortunately. I got none even on Hungarian websites I Google-translated. The krakow show seemed to have golden circle tickets + EE for 140€ and I bet the city is way cheaper than Vienna, you might wanna try with that one instead. I’m actually thinking of adding that show to my schedule but I think I’m gonna wait.

Btw it seems a session error so your log in could have expired by the time you confirmed the payment. Now tickets stay in the cart only for a few minutes before reset.”

You can read the full interview at Bass Gear Magazine.