Nine Inch Nails Drummer On Joining Foo Fighters


Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese has posted about joining Foo Fighters as a guest drummer at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert:

Tons of amazing musicians last week honoring Taylor but these were the 3 MVP’s IMHO.
1) Grohl worked his ass off putting that show together. I can’t begin to tell you how hard I saw him work over the course of weeks and I was only there a little percentage of the time. Not to mention he played drums, guitar, bass and sang ALL day/night! Just before the Foos played (the final act) I said to him side stage “You must be exhausted!” He goes “Actually I’m not!” I think he slept for 5 days after the gig.

2) Shane Hawkins, 15 yr old kid stepped up and destroyed the hell out of the drums on My Hero in front of 80,000! Power, groove, confidence…I was really proud of him and stoked to see how much everyone’s loving him.

3) Wolfgang Van Halen, I think after that show it’s obvious to the world that Wolfie inherited the “alien genius musician gene” from his old man. Proud of him too, he was nervous (as was I) and he rose above it and brought the house down! Making Taylor and his Dad proud. ❤️