Nine Inch Nails Icon Reveals Massive Paycheck


Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese told a story about the huge amount of money given to members of The Replacements, and how a member had so much he gave it to his son, in a recent Instagram post.

“Hunter and Westerberg having a slice, post Replacements at Denver Riot Fest 2013. I think this was the day that my 12-year-old ran up to me all excited after sound check saying Paul told him he was going to give him however much money he happened to have on him. He was just paid perdiem and was owed a little more so he handed Hunter $600 and said “just take it!” My son ran over to me jumping up and down.

I told him he couldn’t accept that money and had to give it back. I told him that old uncle Paul is a little crazy sometimes. In the end he insisted to give Hunter $100 so he could ‘go buy his mom something nice.’ I didn’t interfere with that one. Just let him do it and let’s move on. I knew it’d make for a good story.”

Freese has been a jack of all trades in alternative rock, drumming for Nine Inch Nails, Sublime With Rome, and Weezer.