Maynard James Keenan Caught Using Phone By Tool Fan


A Tool fan caught Maynard James Keenan appearing to be on his phone at a wine tasting event this weekend in Arizona. Fears of Maynard James Keenan ‘losing his voice’ were just revealed.

Dru_SA commented on Reddit, “Tell him ‘no phones please.’ Suttus asked, “Haha where is this?” Unclefire responded, “Arizona vignerons symposium and grand tasting event. Caduceus is pouring along with others. Maynard did a presentation last year. There an auction going on now.”

Detailsofourending posted on Reddit after news that Keenan invited Lost In Vegas to a Tool show, “Maynard seems to be a lot more open now with the whole Tool thing. I think for a while he resented the position he found himself in, getting tons of attention and losing much of his privacy. The trade off with fame is truly significant, especially for someone like Maynard, who is not by nature an attention seeking extrovert.

I think releasing his book was a big first step in him opening up a lot to his fans and followers. And now that FI is finally out there and has received such sweeping praise and acclaim, I like to think he’s finally rid himself of that tough outer shell, and is a little more relaxed about the attention he receives. Do I think he’ll soon be participating in the VIP sessions? No. But he is definitely more engaged on stage than he has been in ages, and I appreciate that as someone who spends a lot of time, money and energy following Tool.

Also, raising a young child has probably also softened him up a bit. Not to mention the success he’s finding with his vineyard and his restaurants. I do think, based on the content of his lyrics, that he is someone who is able to greatly appreciate the general fortune he’s had in life. It’s one thing to be successful at something once. It’s another thing to do it over and over. And Maynard is one of the extremely rare artists who has exhibited an ability to court success in any venture and endeavor he pursues. I do think that kind of thing is probably forefront of his mind. Very few musicians have been successful with 3 bands, and have also launched a successful endeavor as challenging as a vineyard/winery/restaurant chain.” A Tool fan recently unloaded on disrespect at a fan event.

Maynard taking a break today from r/ToolBand