Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Working With Young Singer On New Music


Grandson discussed working with Linkin Park singer/guitarist Mike Shinoda on a recent episode of the DOMKcast, a podcast featured on Alternative Nation. We transcribed his comments.

“Mike is as voracious a music fan as anyone I’ve met.”

“He followed me on Instagram. I remember I was on speakerphone with my Mom, refreshing my feed, and saw Mike Shinoda followed me.”

“I just sent him a message. I assumed he wasn’t going to read it, I thought it was whoever runs his account. I was like, this guy is on some gold toilet somewhere.”

He asked Shinoda to mentor him, and found out they lived relatively close to each other. They went and grabbed coffee, and Shinoda told him his experiences in the industry, including working with Chester Bennington and Rick Rubin. He played him his in the works Post Traumatic album, which wasn’t complete at the time, and Grandson ended up contributing to “My Shadow.”

“I wrote my little part in 15 minutes, before he decided, ‘What am I doing letting this kid come on my album?'”

Grandson hinted at more new music to come with Shinoda.

“We have more we have been working on behind the scenes.”

Orgy’s Jay Gordon was also interviewed on another new DOMKcast, you can listen to that below as well.

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