Nine Inch Nails Reveal How They’ll Tour In 2018 And Beyond


Trent Reznor revealed how Nine Inch Nails will change their touring model in a new interview with Zane Lowe. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“Our plan had been to do some touring next year and kind of pivot Nine Inch Nails from being a band that tours for a year and a half to two years at a time, that then disappears for several years, into one that might do a reasonable amount of shows a year, see how that works for the next bit of time. That plan was supposed to start next year, and some offers came in, and we all kind of looked at each other without deeply thinking it through and said, ‘Let’s play some shows this year.’

It’s just instincts. It seemed like it would be fun, it seemed like when I imagined myself on stage again with new material that we have to play as well, it seemed like something that felt uncomfortable and it felt exciting, so that was reason enough to do it.”

He also discussed writing “Less Than” and if it was influenced by knowing he would be returning to the stage soon.

“When I’m in record making mode, I’m really just out to serve that master, and pursue that vision and see what happens. It usually creates more of a burden when the record’s finished, and live time comes up, figuring out how to translate that into a live environment.”