Taylor Momsen Caught ‘Riding’ Surprising Man In Photo


Potential Taylor Momsen romance news! The Pretty Reckless frontwoman can be seen straddling the back of this bulky mystery man in a new photo that she uploaded via Instagram. Is love in the air just in time for Valentine’s Day? You can check out the photo below! Taylor Momsen grabs backside in leather corset photo.

In other news regarding Taylor Momsen, fans took to social media to reflect upon Momsen’s acclaimed role as Jenny Humphrey by looking back at Gossip Girl season four. One fan reviewed: “Gossip Girl does not disappoint with Season 4. It has just the amount of drama we are used to since day one. Season 4 is my personal favorite due to the love of Blair and Dan together…or at least as ‘friends’. Sexy, drama-filled for us drama junkies and Jenny Humphrey free, Gossip Girl comes back to satisfy new, old and coming back fans with Chuck alive and well, Nate with his man bangs, Serena with her ever-dying fashion sense, Dan with his newfound feelings for a certain brunette, and best for last, Blair with a charming prince at her arm at least at the beginning…and end of the season and all in the middle is the crème de la crème of the season’s (and the next’s) lasting triangle (and at times, square). This is season is to die for and no one can miss it.” Taylor Momsen’s ‘no makeup’ in bed photo recently revealed.

While another fan said: “I liked season four. It’s so fashionable, as usual. I honestly watch “GG” for a fashion, not for the plot. But I did not enjoy, that Jenny and Vanessa suddenly turned against Serena. She didn’t do anything bad to hurt them, not her fault guys want her. If Jenny and Vanessa would learn to be happier and less bitchy, maybe the guys will see them differently. Serena is just a Sunshine and guys like that. Blair and Chuck had some intense moments. Dan is just his usual self and can’t figure out what he wants. If you like fashion, you will enjoy the movie. If you after the story and learning some valuable lessons, then….try ” The O.C” – this one has a lot to teach you. Especially family values. Taylor Momsen tight white nightgown photo revealed.