Nirvana Bandmate Reveals What Kurt Cobain Wanted On Next Album


Former Nirvana touring cellist Lori Goldston discussed Kurt Cobain in a new Nirvana Reddit AMA.

ALemonFromTheBeatles asked:

“Hey, thank you for being here. If you don’t mind I have 2 questions, do you know anything about the initial plans for Nirvana’s direction moving forward? Also, what was the funniest or most interesting thing that had happened while touring with Nirvana?”

Lori answered:

“He talked about adding oboe.

Best part of tour was getting to hear so many opening bands every night for 2-3 week stretches.”

corvoattano666 asked:

“Hi Lori! The Unplugged set is a favorite Nirvana performance of mine, particularly the songs where you come in with the cello. I’m also a fan of Earth. What is it like to play rock versus playing classical?”

Lori answered:

“Thank you! Amplified vs. acoustic is, I guess, the most obvious difference those two kinds of situations, and learning by written music vs. learning y ear and/or improvising. Often classically trained players can’t play anything that’s not written out, although I think that may be changing a bit.”

cianmort asked:

“What is your favourite Kurt Cobain memory?”

Lori answered:

“He was very nice company, funny and smart. My best memories are of being backstage with everyone, rehearsing, etc. Of course it was also fun to be on stage. They sounded pretty amazing up there.”