Jimmy Chamberlin Reveals If He Wants D’arcy Back In Smashing Pumpkins


Jimmy Chamberlin discussed reuniting with Smashing Pumpkins bandmates Billy Corgan and James Iha in a new Chicago Sun-Times interview, and why he doesn’t think D’arcy Wretzky will return to the band.

“The chemistry between us is unmistakable. It was immediately apparent when we did finally play together at that Ace Theatre show [a surprise gig in March 2016],” says Chamberlin during a break on the band’s current Shiny and Oh So Bright Tour. The road show arrives Aug. 13 at the United Center (with a second show Aug. 14) on the heels of that newsmaking 30th anniversary show in Holmdel, New Jersey, which featured guests such as Courtney Love.

“With Billy and James starting to talk things out, it really led to the genesis of where we are now, and the relationships have never been in a better place. I feel like we’re all old enough to be in the band now,” Chamberlin adds, laughing. “When you’re young it’s more difficult to navigate. You’re talking about three individuals that basically grew up together, which at times wasn’t always easy.”

While seeing the trio together again is a feat, notably absent from the tour is original bass player D’Arcy Wretzky. A series of posts that went viral earlier this year featured back-and-forth allegations by both her and Corgan of what led to the demise of their musical collaborations, and the damage appears to be permanent. “I’m not in the prediction business but at this point I think the concrete is dried,” says Chamberlin, who pivots the conversation instead to talking about the contributions of touring bassist Jack Bates, son of New Order/Joy Division great Peter Hook.