Nirvana Bassist Reveals How Band ‘Hid The Pain Inside’


Founding Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic discussed how the band handled interviews in a series of new tweets in response to a fan. He referenced The Simpsons’ Grunge parody episode, claiming that Nirvana were not like the fictional band Sadgasm depicted in the episode.

A fan named Scott tweeted Novoselic, “Hey Krist love your band, but I don’t remember you guys telling me to smoke pot.”

Novoselic responded, “Oh yes I did. It was about being reckless and trying to be shocking.”

Scott tweeted back, “So the music was just second hand?”

Novoselic said, “Music was primary. Interviews were set up for us. I tried to be absurd. You can see us laugh a lot. We were not Sadgasm like on Simpsons.”

Scott shot back, “Were you having fun?”

Novoselic responded, “Tons of fun. But many times laughing to hide the pain inside.”

Read the full series of tweets below. You can catch Krist Novoselic on tour with his band Giants in the Trees.