Nirvana Bassist Reveals Bizarre Photo Of Dave Grohl Wearing Bikini


Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has shared a hilarious photo of Dave Grohl wearing a bikini. It appears to be some sort of doll created for Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam museum. You can view a photo below.

Novoselic recently discussed playing with Giants in the Trees in a new The Daily World interview.

Novoselic said he has enjoyed staying mostly out of the big-name music industry.

“Most of our shows are just around here, just living lives and making music instead of getting into the big rat race of the music industry that’s so competitive,” said Novoselic.

One of the defining aspects of Giants in the Trees, according to Novoselic, is that each song can feature a totally different set of instruments.

“There’s a lot of diversity with, say the guitar. There’s a box or slide guitar, or I’ll play accordion. We’re not just a rock band, static sound, I think we have a lot of dynamics,” said Novoselic. “At the show, there’s a lot of different types of songs and instruments getting switched up. It seems like we can hold an audience’s attention because of that.”