Nirvana Bassist Wants To Form Band With Famous Rapper


Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic was recently interviewed by The Young Turks about Rank Choice Voting. The host mentioned he’d interviewed John Densmore, who is also a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, and Chuck D from Public Enemy and Prophets of Rage.

Novoselic said, “John is great, I know John. He is one of my heroes, John Densmore of The Doors.”

He added, “Chuck D is great, Public Enemy. We should put a band together right there, because I’ll be on bass, we’ll have John on drums, and Chuck will rap.”

As the host continued talking, the idea seemed to excite Novoselic.

“No, seriously.”

The interviewer mentioned they’re all political, and that it could be cool. Novoselic currently plays in Giants in the Trees.

Novoselic discussed the United States healthcare system in a recent Facebook post. He linked to an article about Martin Shkreli.

He posted a quote from the article, “In the end, in spite of himself, Shkreli proved that as a culture we don’t care about the details, we’re transfixed by spectacle, and that we don’t want to fix our problems. You really hate Martin? How about actually trying to accomplish real change.”

Novoselic then wrote himself criticizing both partisan political sides, “Our healthcare system is ripping us off, but too many are enchanted or obsessed with Trump.”