Nirvana Brutally Disrespected By Bush: ‘He Was Terrified’


Former President George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush Hager revealed on The Today Show to guest Carson Daly that her father once threw out a classic Nirvana CD.

“My dad was always so good about letting us listen to the music we wanted to,” Bush said, saying that a Nirvana record (likely Nevermind) was one of the first CD’s she ever spent money on, though she couldn’t specify the album. What a fairweather fan! She did say that the lyrics to one of the songs got President Bush’s attention, and he did not like what he heard.

“There was a really bad song on it, which I’ll tell you during commercial, but my dad heard it,” the NBC host shared. “And my dad heard me playing it on my little Discman or whatever CD player.”

“Future leader of the free world listening to you listen to that. That’s terrifying,” Daly said.

“Yes, he was terrified,” Jenna responded, adding that her father destroyed the album.

“He broke the CD over his leg,” she added.

She added, “He never was mad like that. But this particular song really encourages, you know, I mean to hear your little daughter listen to it, you know what I’m thinking of.”

  • Raj

    Of course he was terrified he was a Republican Nirvana were a feminist band that stood up for women’s rights and the lgbtq community. Some guys don’t get it or just want to control and brainwash their kids there way is the only way. Also given his age he probably took things literally lol.

    • Carmen Nicole Hall

      So cool he was a Republican instead of a part of cattle Democrat!

      • Kathy Jarvis

        Have you seen the Trump-Loving Republican hordes?

    • Kathy Jarvis

      Nirvana were great. Love them.

  • Nikki

    I think the album cover shows why he is afraid of their words.

    • mother love bone

      I think the song was Polly, since she said that it was on the album Nevermind. A lot of Macho type dudes, like george w bush have misunderstood that song as being pro-rape, when in reality the song was drastically anti-rape. Ironically George Bush probably thought he was protecting his daughter when he really didn’t understand what the song was about, but it still makes me feel good that George Bush destroyed the album of my favorite band of all time! Fuck yes. Thats so awsome! Long live Kurt Cobain!

      • Maj. B. Cox

        R U stupid or what it was ” Rape Me” she makes this Clear when she says I was his little girl listens so if you know Nirvana you would know this you guys don’t deserve to listen Turner bonna I am so

      • Mark Dewees

        She never said it was Nevermind, the author just assumed Nevermind was the first album she bought cause it is their most famous. It was likely “Rape Me” off In Utero

        • mother love bone

          “She never said it was Nevermind”

          I know, I was so so wrong about that. Thanks for the correction…I should have been paying more attention. Sorry folks.

  • Gary Miles

    Can these dip shits write anything without a bullshit “brutal’ in the headline?

    • EarthSprite

      …that and “heartbreaking” and “finally revealed” being the other lame trigger word ploys they use to generate clicks!

  • Merry Pedroza

    I am surprised that dumbass was even able to understand the lyrics. I didn’t think he was able to comprehend anything other than kid’s nursery rhymes!

  • Carmen Nicole Hall

    Nobody cares. The song she’s talking about is probably “Rape me” and it actually had nothing to do with physical rape. Bush is the dumbest president in history and apparently his kids got their IQ’s from him!

    • Kathy Jarvis

      Actually, it is about physical rape. Kurt Cobain said in many interviews about it being an “Anti-Rape song” and that he was trying to be as blunt as possible, therefore straight up making it called “Rape Me”.

      • Maj. B. Cox

        THE SONG WAS ” RAPE ME” r u guys STUPID ??? She notes her being his “Little girl” listening to this particular SONG !!!

        • mother love bone

          I think ur probably right. It was rape me.

        • Mark Dewees

          Your calling everyone stupid, then just restate it was “Rape Me” like everyone else already said?

    • Shardanacles

      Bush was the dumbest President. Trump now owns that title. By a mile.

      • Patrick Clark

        Just because you don’t like him and your feelings are hurt by him being elected president doesn’t mean he’s dumb. He’s a very smart guy, obviously he is a rich and successful man and is president. You can’t achieve what he has and be dumb. Bush on the other hand skated through life on his name and family money. He has been quoted several times saying some pretty ignorant things. Bush was definitely not a genius.

        • Jim Zakany

          I’ve done better with the money I’ve earned than he has with the money he was given.

          • Patrick Clark

            Didn’t know I was responding to anything you said. Oh wait, I wasn’t. So you’re a billionaire? You are the president of what country? You own golf courses, country clubs, high rise buildings? He got money from his dad, so if you were given money by your parent, you would have become a real estate magnate and president of the United States? So you haven’t done shit in comparison. Sit down!

    • Maj. B. Cox


    • Mistress Wrath

      That’s a common misconception, The song “Rape me” has everything to do with physical rape. Kurt discusses this in several interviews.

  • Mike G

    I’m guessing he heard “Negative Creep” off of “Bleach”. Their first album (And their best) for all you little one’s out there.

  • Greyson Garza

    It was probably In Utero not Nevermind. In Utero has Rape Me which i bet u anything was the song that inspired this entire story

  • Evan Meichner

    The best article ever! Completely unexpected GW Bush is relevant to Nirvana compared to the band Bush.

  • Patrick Clark

    Why don’t you morons stop arguing and speculating about which song or album it was. I’m sure Bush wouldn’t like most of Nirvana’s songs regardless of what they are about.

  • Charles Moore

    Arguing over a song and album that was never given in the story . You guys are idiots . You don’t know the whole story and you’re still running your damn hole . Be proud , you are emulating exactly what you claim to hate . Morons .

  • Gingerdread

    I smell bullshit.

  • EarthSprite

    So you disrespect President Bush by putting his face on the penis of the baby on the cover? Way to keep it classy, another new low for this site.

    • Corndog

      This can’t possibly be the first time you’ve noticed Bush was a dick…

      • EarthSprite

        LOL no of course not, I just think it’s equally offensive to the baby to compromise his manhood like that.