Josh Homme Tried To Anger 90’s Singer: ‘I Said I Made Out With Her’


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme told Brisbane Times in a recent article that he lied about making out with future wife Brody Dalle to piss off her ex-boyfriend, Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong.

“I didn’t like her ex [Tim Armstrong from Rancid], so I lied and said I had made out with her in the hope that he would find out. I didn’t see her again until seven years later.

Our bands played the Big Day Out in Australia in 2003. I was with someone in a casual way but had my eye out for Brody and saw her walking past. I pretended I didn’t see her and tried to be cool. From that moment we clicked and it was on. We’ve been together ever since. I never thought I would get married, but I found someone I couldn’t live without.”

“When Camille was quite young, she’d look me in the eye and say, “Be gentle.” She took away a lot of my rough edges. I don’t think I would have done as well in my life without her. My sons [Orrin Ryder, 7, and Wolf Dillon, 2] are great, but my daughter always wants cuddles from her daddy.”