Nirvana Confirm They’re Back Together With Announcement


Nirvana are featured on the cover of this week’s Kerrang magazine with the caption: ‘World Exclusive: Nirvana Reunited.’ The subheadline is: ‘Dave & Krist Speak.” This is the first time Nirvana have appeared on a magazine cover as an active band in 24 years. It’s unclear if the band discuss any possible future plans, or just their recent Cal Jam headlining performance in California from earlier this month. Krist Novoselic retweeted the magazine cover announcement.

Kerrang wrote on Twitter, “Last week, the world witnessed rock history as the surviving members of @Nirvana joined forces for a special set at @caljamfest. In the new issue of Kerrang! (out this Wednesday), Dave Grohl and @KristNovoselic take us inside their incredible reunion…”

Kerrang wrote on Instagram, “The new issue of Kerrang! (out this Wednesday) is a prettttttty big one…”

View the cover below. Nirvana members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear reunited with Joan Jett and John McCauley, who performed with them in 2014 at Barclays Center and Saint Vitus, to perform a 7-song set at Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam festival in California a little over a week ago.

  • Garythefireman

    St Vincent, not St Vitus.

    • Berkeley5th

      They’ve had that same error in 3+ articles now..

      • Seth Gundersen

        They played a secret club show in 2014, with J. Mascis, John McCauley, and others, at a club called St. Vitus. I believe it was the same night as the RRHOF ceremony.

    • Alternative Nation

      I’m talking about the venue, not the singer.

    • Tomasz Garnek

      They’re talking about the afterparty venue, St. Vitus.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Huh? Reunited? No. Not possible.

    It’s not like Kurt’s son, ala Jason Bonham, is filling in.

  • mbear

    Reunited? Yes, for one show so far. Back together? In the sense of making music again? Being an active band? No. Announcement? Yes. But that announcement was only that they were on the cover of Kerrang. Haha

  • Raj

    I doubt they would do any tours just one off shows. That cover is just for CalJam and to talk and reminisce about the old days. No new music as Nirvana.

  • Shaun Nancarrow

    Sammy Hagar’s not doing much at the moment if they need a singer

  • lisa6464

    The dead elephant in the room…means there can never be a “reunion”.

  • ghkdtjdguq1

    Whatever reasons it seems they conflict the dark days and get start again by different way. Nirvana again that is important.