Tool Reveal Who Rejected New Song Ideas, Is Album Coming In 2019?


In a recently surfaced live Q&A from last year, Tool bassist Justin Chancellor reveals that he rejects a new song idea as being ‘not that good’ if he wakes up in the morning and forgets it. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“I get ideas all the time, you know after when I’m just walking around outside and the most important thing is if you think it’s great to remember it the next day you know, especially if it’s in a weird time signature it’s like you either have to, you gotta rush home and find a way of tapping it out and getting it or record it on your phone, but I find it much cooler if you embed it in your brain before you go to sleep. That’s always the key with me. If it’s gone in the morning, it’s gone. It’s not that good. You know what I mean?”

Chancellor said he doesn’t like listening to other music when recording.

“Well I think we talked about what some of our music we listen to is, but for me personally, when we’re recording an album and when we’re writing leading up to recording it, I’m just listening to that music, just listening over and over again to the tracks.”

Adam Jones said about recording, “So what we do is, we record to tape and we bounce that warm analog sound to digital and mix it up.”

Tool are expected to finally release their new album in 2019.