Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Releases First New Music Video In Years With Giants In The Trees


Founding Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic’s new band Giants in the Trees have released a new music video for “Sasquatch.”

Novoselic sarcastically wrote on YouTube, “This video cost over $2 million to make. The reason is, it was shot on a soundstage and all of the flora is made from plastic, foam and other materials to get that natural look.”

“I bought the property the video is filmed on. To pay for the production I cut all the trees and am now building a golf course on the land.”

He told Chinook Observer regarding Giants in the Trees’ recent live shows, “It seems like people are into it,” Novoselic said in a recent phone interview from his home in Western Wahkiakum County, where he is a familiar community leader.

“We get good applause. I appreciate that people stick through all the songs they’ve never heard before. When I go see a band, I expect to see songs that I like of theirs. With this band, we’re asking a lot more. Here’s this whole-new band, so I appreciate people coming out and sticking around.”