Nirvana ‘Rejected’ Surprising Album With Pearl Jam


Danny Goldberg revealed that Nirvana turned down appearing on the Singles soundtrack with Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains in a Whatever Nevermind podcast interview.

How did he feel about the cultural impact, that once that got out of control, where you had JCPenney selling a grunge line of clothes…?

“I don’t know… I mean, he thought the whole idea of lumping music together and people talking about Seattle sound – he didn’t even like the word ‘grunge,’ because he was an individual artist.

“He didn’t like being lumped in with a scene or a trend or anything like that, and I think he had a point. He was an individual artistic person that wasn’t just a product of some genre.

“I think in terms of those things, I don’t know, he had so many other things on his mind about his own dramas, his own interaction with the media, his own, suddenly his personal life becoming public.

“And plus the pressure he put on himself to keep being successful and then trying to control his own life.

“I think those other kinds of things, again, even when it just came to music, he, generally speaking, avoided things that would lump Nirvana in with some scene, that he looked at it as an individual artist.

“And like when that movie ‘Singles’ was made, he didn’t want Nirvana to be the part of the soundtrack because…

“He didn’t dislike those other artists, he ended up being friends with quite a few of them and admired a lot of them, but he just didn’t like the idea that his art was gonna be lumped in with some trend, he saw it as an individual, unique product of energy, and I think it was.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.