Nirvana Unload After Paying Huge Money For Alleged Ripoff


In a new How The Hell Did That Happen? with Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window podcast, Lord discussed her late ex-boyfriend, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Here, Lord discusses how a band also using the Nirvana sued the band early on for a hefty sum, and said the band were furious over having to pay a big paycheck. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed her comments.

Lord: I also remember being on the phone with Kurt [Cobain] and Kurt was really in a bad mood. I asked what was happening and he said

“There’s this British band and they are a bunch of old guys, they are suing us because they are also called Nirvana.” 

Lord: And I said

“Oh geez, how much do they want?”

Lord: And he was like

“Fifty thousand dollars!”

Lord: And I thought that was a lot of money. Now that I think about that band, I’ve heard a little bit about them since because with YouTube you can find stuff. I think of that band and go “man, if they only held out longer they probably could have asked for a million dollars. Anyway, Kurt was not happy about that. In fact, fifty-thousand dollars to them back then was everything.

Window: Not to David Geffen, he wouldn’t of minded it.