Led Zeppelin Imitators Finally Exposed, Is It Greta Van Fleet?


In a new Guitar World article, the top Led Zeppelin imitation cover bands tell their stories. No, Greta Van Fleet aren’t part of it!

“It sounds so cocky to say that your band is the best, but I will say that I like what we do,” says guitarist Andy Urban, the “Jimmy Page” of Kashmir. “We do a very authentic live Led Zeppelin show, and we try to play the roles of the individual members. You’re probably never going to see the real Led Zeppelin again, but if you come to a Kashmir show, you’re going to see something pretty close.”

Paul Kamp, who plays Page in Led Zeppelin 2, admits that some fans are skeptical when they come to see his band — and he gets it, too. “People are very precious when it comes to Zeppelin,” he says. “Hell, I’m precious when it comes to them. I love Zeppelin more than I can say. So I know that fans are probably thinking, ‘There’s no way these guys can pull this off.’ It’s natural. But after the show they always tell me, ‘Wow, you guys are amazing. You look like Zeppelin, you sound like them — I’m knocked out!’”

Zepparella guitarist Gretchen Menn downplayed the notion that the whole “chicks playing dudes” thing is a shtick. “For a second, people think it’s a joke or something, but then they hear us and that goes right away,” she says. “I don’t ever say we’re the ‘best’ Zeppelin tribute band, but I do think we try to honor the group with real sincerity.”

“We do have the ‘Zeppelin look,’ but I don’t try to be an exact replica of Jimmy Page,” she continues. “For instance, there’s my stage movements. I’m aware that I’m a woman, so there’s certain things Jimmy did that I just won’t touch — it just doesn’t feel natural. I’m more about spirit. I try to pay homage to him in a way that feels genuine to me. When I’m in the zone, I feel like I’m being the part of me that loves Led Zeppelin and worships Jimmy Page. And that’s awesome.”