Noel Gallagher: ‘Liam Isn’t A Good Singer Anymore, I’ll Reunite Oasis When I Need Money’


Noel Gallagher recently discussed a possible Oasis reunion with 89 Radio Rock (via Oasis Mania): “I guess fans would really really like it to happen. But I don’t care about that. I was in Oasis for twenty years, we’ve done everything we had to do and if we were to reform it would be for the money. And there’s nothing wrong with that – I fucking love money. But I don’t need the money. When I do need the money, eventually I will need the money, trust me, we will fucking reform.”

Before his show at Lollapalooza, Noel Gallagher talked to La Nacion about his solo project and Oasis era.

When asked about what he misses from Oasis, he answered sometimes he misses playing only the guitar without singing all the time, nothing more, since he thinks his songs are better now than when he played with Oasis.

The journalist then asked if there are songs he thinks are meant to be sung by Liam. He replied: “No. And Liam is not a good singer anymore”. And then he added he doesn’t miss his brother at all: “I was with him in a band”.