The Offspring Hired Infamous Metallica Name


The Offspring brought in Metallica producer Bob Rock for their new album Let The Bad Times Roll. Bob Rock is a talented producer, but he became infamous in the Metallica community for his role playing bass and producing St. Anger, which was hated by fans, and for his appearance in the documentary Some Kind of Monster.

Asked what it’s like working with Rock again in a new Matt Pinfield interview on KLOS, Noodles said, “Bob’s the best. He’s like a member of the family now. This is studio where we recorded the record. Bob will fly out from wherever he’s at in the world and spend a few weeks with us here. We show up in the morning, have some coffee, talk about, ‘Hey, how’s your family? Can you believe what’s going on in the world?’

We do that for 15, 20 minutes, and then we get in here and we start tracking, start going over whatever we’re going over that day. It’s just a blast working with him. He pushes us, but he does it in a way that doesn’t feel like he’s mad at us or anything, or dissing us. He pushes us in ways that are just absolutely positive.”

Dexter Holland added, “For sure, because sometimes you have to get into the nuts and bolts of why doesn’t this work,” he explained. “Is it because the guitar sounds different? Or you need a different kind of strings on a guitar, or a different model of guitar — something like that. And [Bob] really speaks that language. He knows more about guitars and guitar sounds than anybody I know — way more than us. So it’s really great to be able to work with him as a musician. And also, you just feel a different kind of kinship like that, because you know that he’s been where you are — he’s been the guy in the band, and he wants it to succeed in the way that you do.”