The Black Crowes Drop New Album Bombshell


The Black Crowes are writing new songs, and at some point will ‘get around’ to making a new record.

“Rich and I, our focus, like anyone else, is to get through this pandemic and get back to where we can do the thing we love [to do],” Chris Robinson told AXS TV’s At Home And Social. “I miss going to see music as much as I miss playing. And I know all of our friends for many, many decades and in many different places around the world who are musicians, [and] none of us are working. But our main focus is to tour.

We’ve been writing a bunch of new songs, and we’ll get around to making a record, but we’re in no hurry to do that. We wanna get on the road. We wanna do this tour. We put together an amazing band, and we wanna go out and do it.”

The Black Crowes reunited in 2019, but without drummer Steve Gorman, and performed on The Howard Stern Show, and did two shows in New York and Los Angeles. Their 2020 reunion tour was postponed due to the pandemic. The Black Crowes recently revealed ‘destructive’ breakup details to their fans.