Olivia Wilde & Rihanna Boyfriend Bombshell Leaks


Actress and director Olivia Wilde recently raised some eyebrows after her recent Instagram story. She reshared a viral clip of Rihanna’s long-term boyfriend A$AP Rocky looking on happily as she performed her hit song “Diamonds” during her Sunday Super Bowl performance.

The caption some fans are calling “thirsty” was the kicker.

“If I thought he was hot before, this really put me over the edge,” Wilde wrote on the story.

The 38-year-old star, who is newly single after a split from singer Harry Styles, tagged not only Rocky, but also Rihanna on the post, sending social media into a tailspin.

“Olivia Wilde has no class. Ugh. how are you gonna say this about a man who has a girlfriend and about to have a baby?” one user tweeted.

“Bahaha @oliviawilde so thirsty for other people’s men…. grab some water and sit down… Queen RI doesn’t need to be reminded by someone like you how hot her man is… SHE KNOWS u just look like thirsty homewrecker,” tweeted another.

“ms wilde you really have no shame,” added a third.

A fourth commenter wrote, “being a big public figure and thirsting over another celebs man thats CRAZYYY.”

Others slammed Wilde for tagging both A$AP Rocky and Rihanna on the post, calling her a “homewrecker” and alleging she is “desperate” for another man after her recent breakup.

Wilde, responding to blowback from the post, added another story hours later, writing, “For anyone who got it twisted, it’s hot to respect your partner. Especially when your partner just did thaaaaaat.”

The controversy comes on the tail end of buzz surrounding the “Umbrella” singer’s Super Bowl halftime performance in which she revealed her baby bump while dressed in all red on stage.