Opening Band Booed At Blink-182 Show


Blink-182 had a stop in Fort Worth, Texas for the ongoing ‘One More Time’ tour. It has come to light that the concert’s opening band was lambasted by a couple who were sitting in the front row right behind the pit.

Live Without insulted at Blink-182 concert

It has come to light that the couple were trash-talking the opening band, Live Without, the band from the forever-iconic “What the f**k is up Denny’s” video. The band vocalist stated “we just played for 80 people” and they shouted “theres a reason.” When the band said “we have 2 more songs left,” they shouted “Thank God.”

On the other hand, Blink-182 keeps on teasing the fans. The band members Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker have been teasing the fans regarding an upcoming album.

Tom recently posted some photos of a set of guitars and they are seemingly doing tour rehearsals. Meanwhile, Travis Barker has been spotted filming something and Mark Hoppus was also there at the studio. Fans are speculating that a new album might be on the way.

Recently, a new photo from DeLonge showed that he is working on something that currently is titled “Blink Main Rhythm.” This was with other photos of the three laying down tracks in the studio seems to suggest we could be soon getting more new music from the band.

The band’s “One More Time” album that was released in October last year was the touching reunion of the iconic trio – Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker. The album was released after years of solo projects and several changes in the lineup. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for the new album. The band is possibly working on a new project and it makes their ardent fans exhilarated for the future. Meanwhile, the band is set to hit the road in June.

Blink-182 are slated to go on a “One More Time Tour” in June, and ahead of the outing, the pop-punk band has offered some details on what fans can expect. It has come to light that for starters an exciting roster of opening acts for the dates has been revealed.