Travis Barker Makes Sad Tom DeLonge Announcement


When it comes to the members of Blink-182; surely it has been a wild ride for everyone. Right after Blink-182 first broke up, there was so much talk about what direction each member would go. For Travis Barker, things were spilt. He was in the middle of Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus as Tom and Mark went their separate ways.

When Blink-182 would first call it a day, Tom would create the band Box Car Racer. The band was pretty close to the sound of Blink-182 when Blink got towards the end of their careers. Hits would be ‘There Is,’ ‘I Feel So,’ and of course, ‘And I’.

Mark would go off and create +44. Which, the band didn’t get as much commercial success as Box Car Racer did. Box Car Racer would be featured in a lot of video games in the early 2000s, and while +44 did have a strong following as well – it just wasn’t to the degree of Box Car Racer.

The issue was that Travis, like a child stuck between a nasty divorce – was in both bands. Thankfully for Barker, the bands would come full circle and here we are today with Blink-182 yet again.

The questions have been asked, however. “When will Box Car or +44 release demos that they were working on in the past?” According to Travis – never.

Via Reddit, a fan took to the threads to show a screenshot of a fan asking Barker about the above question only to be brutally let down. It seems like that era is really over.