Original AC/DC Member Reveals What Axl Rose Has To Do To ‘Legitimize’ Band


Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans feels that Axl Rose needs to record a new album with AC/DC, telling the Australian Rock Show (via Tone Deaf) that it would make the band’s new lineup ‘legitimate.’

“I like the fact that the brand is still out there”, Evans told the show, “cos that’s all it is these days, it’s just a brand. Angus [Young] is the only original member left, and a lot of the others are all gone too.

“If he wants to keep the AC/DC brand going, which he can do, because he’s still in the band, they need to settle on a new singer — whether it’s gonna be Axl or not — and they need to record a new album, to make it legitimate. That way, AC/DC as a brand, and Angus, will have a new record out.

“There’s been four singers now, including Axl. So it’s been a revolving situation since the very original first lineup with myself and the other boys. If they wanna keep the brand going again with a new lineup, with Angus, they need to record a new album and see how the fans take that.”

Axl Rose joined AC/DC last year when Brian Johnson was told he could no longer tour due to hearing issues. Rose has Guns N’ Roses tour dates booked through the end of 2017.