Twin Peaks’ Kyle MacLachlan Reveals How Agent Cooper Has Not Changed


Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Showtime’s Twin Peaks, was asked in a recent Twitter Q&A about his favorite part about playing Agent Cooper.

A fan asked, “What are your favorite qualities about Agent Cooper that make him so fun to play?”

MacLachlan answered, “His boyish enthusiasm, his empathy and his love for a good cup of coffee ?.”

Based on this answer, it appears that Cooper will maintain some of his key qualities from the original Twin Peaks series when the show returns on May 21st.

He also discussed his initial reaction to the show coming back, “About time!? Actually I was excited for 2 reasons. The opportunity to return as Coop & work w/ David Lynch after such a long time.”

He also described what it felt like to return to the show.

“Like a family reunion but you also get to work together to create something very special. I loved working again w/ @DAVID_LYNCH.

“I thought the ending of the 2nd season was a fantastic cliff hanger. I always wondered how Coop was going to get out of this one!”

Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch discussed Twin Peaks’ new season in a New York Times interview yesterday. Lynch said it was more of a feature film divided into parts than a television season.

“This is a feature. An 18-hour feature, broken up into 18 parts.”

Co-creator Mark Frost said regarding why he felt the show needed to come back, “I said to David, ‘The way the show was left was unsatisfying for everybody — particularly us — and we have an opportunity to finish what we started.’ That was the thread that brought us to where we are now.”

In latest news from Showtime, four different Twin Peaks puzzles have been released on YouTube on the official Twin Peaks channel, and the graphics and music seem to hint at the new opening titles of the show. Click here to try and solve the puzzles – (there are three more you can find from this link) –

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