Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate Reveals If He Can Still Get Excited


Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde discussed releasing a 20th anniversary edition of Black Label Society’s Sonic Brew in a new Revolver interview.

Well, basically the whole album and packaging has been soaked in Viagra. So that’s pretty much all we’ve done to it. Not only is the sound stronger and harder … The human performance of the Immortal Beloved [as Wylde calls his band] will thus be enhanced and improved because, well, we’re marriage counselors as well. That’s what Black Label specializes in. Relationship therapy. That’s the whole point of the record, to just make the world a better place.

He was then asked if he uses Viagra himself or is looking into using it, “Nah, if I was 15 years old I would still be purchasing this record just because it’s dipped in Viagra. No one is getting disappointed.”

He also discussed recording a new piano version of “Spoke In The Wheel” and the original lyrical inspiration.

“Oh, you know. Erectile dysfunction. And because, you know, who wants to be another spoke in the wheel? You know what I mean? You want to be the main spoke in the wheel. Erectile dysfunction will do that to you. If I had this album back when I first wrote the song … maybe I wouldn’t have written the song.”